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Faisalabad, Punjab - Central

This is the Faisalabad page list.

Region 2-Postcode

Region 2 City Postcode (ZIP)
Faisalabad Chanar Sugar Mills 37134
Faisalabad Killian Wala 37001
Faisalabad Samundri 37300
Faisalabad Darbar Pir Salahuddin 37001
Faisalabad Kot Khudāyār 37721
Faisalabad Satiana Banglow 37450
Faisalabad Dasūha 37430
Faisalabad Kot Raj-putan 37190
Faisalabad Sui Gas 38850
Faisalabad Dich Kot 37370
Faisalabad Lundian Wala 37281
Faisalabad Tandlian Wala 37150
Faisalabad Faisalābād 38000
Faisalabad Madina Town 38860
Faisalabad Thikri Wala 37520
Faisalabad Ganga Pur 37280
Faisalabad Māmu Kānjan 37000
Faisalabad Torian Wala 37051
Faisalabad Garh 37110
Faisalabad Millat Colony 38080

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