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Tank, North-West Frontier

This is the Tank page list.

Region 2-Postcode

Region 2 City Postcode (ZIP)
Tank Spīn Kamar 29491
Tank Tanai 29520
Tank Tank G.p.o 29400
Tank Tiarza 29530
Tank Tijori 29421
Tank Umer Adda 29401
Tank Umer Khel 29441
Tank Umer Khel Gharbi 29441
Tank Wana 29540
Tank Wari Khawa 29471
Tank Spin Kai Raghazi 29471
Tank Girni 29461
Tank Kiri Wadati 29441
Tank Pir Tangi 29461
Tank Gomal Bazar 29410
Tank Kot Jamal 29511
Tank Ranwāl 29401
Tank Gul Imām 29420
Tank Kot Kai 29471
Tank Saraghar Haibat Khel 29471

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