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Gujranwala, Punjab - Central

This is the Gujranwala page list.

Region 2-Postcode

Region 2 City Postcode (ZIP)
Gujranwala Sakhana Bajwa 52461
Gujranwala Tal Wara 52031
Gujranwala Trigri 52401
Gujranwala Sandhan Wala 52221
Gujranwala Talwandi Khajur Wali 52201
Gujranwala Uddo Wali 52331
Gujranwala Sandwan Tarar 52111
Gujranwala Tālwandi Rāhwāli 52280
Gujranwala Udhoke 52161
Gujranwala Sansura Goraya 52301
Gujranwala Tamboli 52471
Gujranwala Uggo Chak 52331
Gujranwala Saroke Cheema 52051
Gujranwala Tatley Aali Apo 52380
Gujranwala Verpal 52081
Gujranwala Shah Rehman 52061
Gujranwala Thakkarke Warriach 52311
Gujranwala Wadala Cheema 52001
Gujranwala Sheikhpura Bedad 52471
Gujranwala Thatha Dad 52201

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