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Rawalakot, FCA & AJK

This is the Rawalakot page list.

Region 2-Postcode

Region 2 City Postcode (ZIP)
Rawalakot Tatrinote 12171
Rawalakot Thai 12181
Rawalakot Thalla 12421
Rawalakot Thandi Kassi 12181
Rawalakot Thorar 12310
Rawalakot Tian 12311
Rawalakot Kot Gala Kawali 12151
Rawalakot Palangi 12201
Rawalakot Tangari 12211
Rawalakot Lunjgran 12330
Rawalakot Paniola 12420
Rawalakot Tangeraam 12201
Rawalakot Maindla 12170
Rawalakot Pattan Sher Khan 12301
Rawalakot Tangi Gala 12081
Rawalakot Jandali 12081
Rawalakot Mandher 12211
Rawalakot Qillan 12090
Rawalakot Tarar 12351
Rawalakot Jandathi Bazar 12421

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