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Mianwali, Punjab - North

This is the Mianwali page list.

Region 2-Postcode

Region 2 City Postcode (ZIP)
Mianwali Mochh 42310
Mianwali Rokhari 42201
Mianwali Tola Mandi 42361
Mianwali Mohd Sharif Wala 42311
Mianwali Rustam Wala 42311
Mianwali Trag 42420
Mianwali Mohd Yar Wala 42311
Mianwali Samand Wala 42201
Mianwali Utera Kalan 42311
Mianwali Musa Khel 42210
Mianwali Sandhānwāla 42201
Mianwali Uttra 42311
Mianwali Musa Wali 42001
Mianwali Sawans 42301
Mianwali Wan Bhachran 42100
Mianwali Muzzuffar Pur 42101
Mianwali Shahbaz Colony 42201
Mianwali Wanda Wala 42401
Mianwali Namal 42201
Mianwali Shāhbāz Khel 42201

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