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Kohat, North-West Frontier

This is the Kohat page list.

Region 2-Postcode

Region 2 City Postcode (ZIP)
Kohat Uster Zai Payan 26170
Kohat Usterzai Bala 26171
Kohat Zargeri (e.d.s.o.) 26210
Kohat Ziarat Sheikh Allahdad 26001
Kohat Togh Sarai 26200
Kohat Toot Kas 26271
Kohat Torawari 26241
Kohat Torki Ismail Khel 26111
Kohat Khazina Banda 26191
Kohat Mohsin Khel 26361
Kohat Shaikhan Ammunition Depot 26340
Kohat Khurram 26401
Kohat Nak Band 26001
Kohat Shakar Dara 26380
Kohat Khushal Garh 26001
Kohat Nandraka 26381
Kohat Shakar Khel 26401
Kohat Kiri Sheikhan 26001
Kohat Nari Panos 26411
Kohat Sheraki 26001

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