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Batkhela, North-West Frontier

This is the Batkhela page list.

Region 2-Postcode

Region 2 City Postcode (ZIP)
Batkhela Selai Patti 23061
Batkhela Tāzagrām 18801
Batkhela Sera 18151
Batkhela Thall 18001
Batkhela Seri Bala 18701
Batkhela Thana 23000
Batkhela Seri Payan 18701
Batkhela Timer Gara 18300
Batkhela Shamshi Khan 18701
Batkhela Toormang 18251
Batkhela Shekolai 18251
Batkhela Totai 23061
Batkhela Sher Khāne 18301
Batkhela Totakan Edso 23030
Batkhela Shewa 18801
Batkhela Turkhomalan Gai 18651
Batkhela Shin Khyari 18251
Batkhela Usheri Dara 18151
Batkhela Sado 18301
Batkhela Shiringal Edso 18050

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