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Attock, Punjab - North

This is the Attock page list.

Region 2-Postcode

Region 2 City Postcode (ZIP)
Attock Surag 43601
Attock Wah 47000
Attock Tanween 43251
Attock Wah Cantt 47040
Attock Tarbethi 43741
Attock Wah Cement Works 47020
Attock Shah Rai Asdullah 43351
Attock Tātāri 43441
Attock Waisa 43510
Attock Shāhia 43731
Attock Thatta 43130
Attock Walia 43531
Attock Shahpur 43491
Attock Thatti Gujrān 43351
Attock Yāsin Kalān 43421
Attock Shams Abad 43490
Attock Thatti Saidu Shah 43261
Attock Sheen Bagh Kalan 43601
Attock Thatti Syedan 43231
Attock Sherabanda 43411

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